William Lindley

    Mr. Lindley has been a software developer and computer consultant since 1980, when he started the predecessor company to wlindley.com, l.l.c.

    He writes:

    My first home computer was an RCA VIP, which used the 1802 processor (the same as on NASA’s Galileo probes, which are still operating). While I did learn FORTRAN on cards punched on an IBM 029 card-punch, I learned to program on a language called CHIP-8 on the VIP. I had two articles published in the VIPER magazine:

    • A CHIP-8 Editor for the VIP, Volume 4 Issue 4, October-November 1982
    • A CHIP-8 Assember in BASIC, Volume 6 Issue 1, September 1984

    My first commercial product was the “Ultimate Printer Driver” originally released in August 1980, which I co-developed with my father.  This driver permitted a variety of printers to be used with a Heathkit H-89 running HDOS (Heath Disk Operating System, typically with 48K of RAM and a single 90K disk drive).  The standard HDOS distribution only supported Heathkit printers; our Ultimate Driver supported printers from BASE-2, Epson (starting with the MX-80 and MX-100), Okidata, Dataproducts, and many more.

    1982 — The Heathkit H-89
    (with Maxwell 1200 modem and
    dual drives on both hard and soft sector controllers)

    In the mid-1980s, I expanded from printer drivers and sold hard disk systems (known as “Winchester” back then) which combined standard hardware components with custom engineering and software drivers.

    1986 — The Heath/Zenith Z-100
    (with Lindley Systems’ 10 Megabyte MEGADISK drive)

    We continued developing software for the IBM PC and the Zenith series of computers. Here I am in 1986 with the Z-150 running Zenith MS-DOS 2: