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    Download here [wordpress.com]. This is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL), Version 2.

    Ideal for WordPress sites with many Pages. If you are using WordPress as a CMS (Content Management System) for any significant websites, this is for you.

    Here’s how the menu of pages enlarges as you navigate the Fisher Shotcrete site, which I did in WordPress. This site has nearly a hundred pages; displaying all them all in one huge list would be overwhelming. (Note, this also uses the AutoNav plugin to automatically create the “image style menus” on each page.)

    At first you see only the top-level pages:

    Fisher Shotcrete menu

    After clicking on Architectural Uses you then see the pages under that:

    Fisher Shotcrete Menu, Level 2

    Clicking on Retention Walls then enlarges that page, while still displaying its siblings (like Golf Courses)

    Fisher Shotcrete Menu, Level 3

    This behavior is all configurable through the HierPage plugin widget configuration screen, as follows:


    • The title is optional (blank will emit no heading)
    • Pages may be sorted in Menu Order or  alphabetically.
    • Siblings to the current page, if enabled, means that child pages of the current page’s parent will be displayed. Disabling this makes for shorter page lists but the user might not be able to move “sideways” in the site.
    • If there are many top-level pages (pages with no Parent set), you can disable their listing.
    • If your site has an Introduction or splash page, as a static home page, you might want to disable showing it (presumably it is accessible through an icon link). However, if the homepage has children, it will always be displayed (otherwise you could never navigate to those pages).